Book Review | Eternity: Understanding Life After Death by Tony Evans


We’ve all heard the saying, “You only live once”, but I believe what the Bible implies, “You only die once.”  The unsettling truth is that we’re all going to die a physical death at some point, but our souls live forever.  The question is will it be in Heaven or in Hell?

This was a great book on the afterlife from a biblical perspective.  It was also a short read (took me two days in the sunshine to finish) and answered many of my questions.  In today’s world, we seem to have so many different interpretations of what Heaven will be like, but God gave us clues and insight to our eternal home in His Word.  Tony Evans put together a concise book filled with answers from the Bible to our most asked questions, such as: Will we recognize each other in Heaven?  What will we do there?  And how can I get there?

A relationship with Jesus Christ is essential to our eventual outcome.  Knowing God’s Word but not knowing His Son is not enough to be with our Heavenly Father forever. And Tony Evans shares how to know the Lord and accept His Son into your heart so you can be with God for all of eternity.  If you’ve read “Tony Evans Speaks Out on Heaven and Hell” from 2000, then this book would be repetitive, as most of the material comes from that book, but there’s enough here to glean the truth of life after death and the urgency in making a decision that affects everything.

If you think we’ll be strumming harps and floating on clouds, I’m sorry to disappoint you.  Dr. Evans pulls back the curtains and shares about our roles, our gifts and how we will spend time with God.  It gives me hope and encourages me to stay the course.  Life on earth is fleeting, and time is temporary here.  Longing for our Home needs to stay forefront as we journey here.  And from what Dr. Evans shares from the Bible, it’s worth it!

Thank you to Moody Publishers for their advanced reader copy and the opportunity to provide an honest, unbiased review.

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